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    Romantic Club II: »Blush«

    »Blush« is the successive appearance of the Danish-German collaborative art project »Romantic Club« at »Raum für drastische Maßnahmen« in Berlin after its introductory exhibition at C4-Projects in Copenhagen in October 2017. For the extensive groupshow artworks by Emilia Bergmark, Sascha Brylla, Matthias Esch, Biba Fibiger, Linda Kuhn, Carlotta Lücke, Coline Marotta, Veronica Riget and Björn Streeck are assembled to engage in utterly dramatic discourses and find resolution in the healing power of therapeutic sessions.

    The concept of romanticism, which forms the underlying element of the »Romantic Club«, is not just a warm and fuzzy feeling for the participating artists, but a strong and clear visioned attitude towards art. It is defined by their personal commitment and furthermore built on deepest devotion. The collaboration between the artists from Berlin and Copenhagen is rooted in the pleasure of this shared understanding and has emerged as a romantic relationship based on flexible exchanges rather than on fixed agreements. The exhibition celebrates this delicate love affair and its specific romanticism reflected in a tangled dialogue between different artistic practices and positions. The subsequent twist functions like the helpful interference of a couple therapist – which transforms into the form of the crisis itself.

    The artists don’t neglect that even the biggest love of all can get into troubles. Therefore they understand their aesthetic crisis as a chance while they hear the once blissful voices in their romantic minds whisper: »Maybe you don’t know how to talk to each other anymore?« »A breakup is not always the best solution.« »It is suggested to turn the interest to the reason which lies behind this irrational blockade.« Their therapy of choice is focussing on the origin – which can sometimes be the critical counterpart and sometimes be the unbearable state of the relationship itself – to resist the seduction to simply walk away from it. Only through careful training a solution can be found for the bizarre triangle between the artist, the artworks and the observers.

    The greater is the beauty, the profounder is the stain.

    The exhibition is made possible with friendly support of the Mart Stam Society, Statens Kunstfond and Bindemann Verpackung.

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